pp加速器下载_pp加速器官方正式版下载_52pk下载站:2021-5-1 · pp加速器官方正式版下载 版本:v3.1.1.0013 【软件介绍】 PP加速器(PPLive Video Accelerator)是一款免费的视频加速软件。 采用目前许多先进和流行的互联网技术,如优化后的点对点传输(P2SP)、多任务下载、Web感知下载、智能Cache等技术 ...

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  • Characterizing variable patterns of disease onset and progression in a mouse model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) 

    Andel, Ellyn Marie (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2023)
    The goal of the current study was to characterize the anatomical site(s) of onset (i.e., specific limb or craniofacial region) and pattern of disease progression in the LCN-SOD1 mouse model of ALS in order to establish a ...
  • Modeling pedestrian crash severity in St. Louis using random forests and mixed logit techniques 

    Afzali, Mohebullah (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2023)
    The pedestrian-vehicle crashes in the City of St. Louis is a major concern due to the high magnitude of injuries and fatalities compared to Missouri’s statewide collisions. Thus, there is a need to identify and prioritize ...
  • Immersive work zone inspection training using virtual reality 

    Aati, Khaled (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2023)
    The Work Zone Safety and Mobility Rule (23 CFR § 630 Subpart J) established requirements and offers guidance to state transportation agencies for addressing the traffic safety and mobility impacts of work zones. Personnel ...
  • The Missouri Conference proceedings : the legal and educational consequences of the intelligence testing movement : handicapped and minority group children, second annual conference 

    Harth, Robert;; Meyen, Edward. L.;; Nelson, Grant S. (University of Missouri--Columbia. Extension Division., 1972)
    On April 13-14, 1972, University of Missouri-Columbia sponsored a conference on the "Legal and Educational Consequences of the Intelligence Testing Movement: Handicapped and Minority Group Children." This conference was ...
  • Individualized prescribed instruction - a critique 

    Fehrle, Carl C. (University of Missouri--Columbia. Extension Division., 1971)
    As educators we have been striving constantly to develop stronger educational programs to assist the individual learner. The Learning Research and Development Center at the University of Pittsburgh has adopted instructional ...

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